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Mortgage Insurance In Alaska

Mortgage insurance is a monetary security that gives protection to moneylenders against losses in case of borrowers reneging on their mortgage payments. If the mortgagor fails to pay and consequently the lender assumes the ownership of the property, the insurer of such mortgage (MGIC for instance) will lessens or obliterate any loss the lender will experience. Therefore, mortgage insurance lessens the risk involved in loaning money to the borrower. Care should be taken not to mix-up mortgage insurance and mortgage life insurance, the latter is primarily a protection for homeowners against losses resulting from flood, fire and other natural disasters Who needs mortgage insurance? Every homeowner stands to gain from mortgage insurance, it placed them in a better position to become homeowners much earlier, and in addition, it increases their purchasing abilities exponentially which is a great advantage from the perspective of the buyer. Those who are purchasing for the first time can pay a low down payment which will greatly assist them in affording the cost of their first property or alternatively help them to assist them in buying a more glamorous home faster. Frequent home buyers can pay a lesser down payment and enjoy significant tax benefits because more deductible interest will be available to them to claim. They can alternatively use the money they would have spent for making big down payments for other useful expenses or investments. What does mortgage insurance do for borrowers? In the absence of the assurance mortgage insurance provides, money lenders usually demands that borrowers provides a down payment of which is usually a minimum of 20% of the selling price of the home. For some borrowers, this automatically means they have to save for years before they can achieve this, the lender needs the big down payment in order to be assured of the borrower’s commitment to the deal and to be guarantee of the borrower’s willingness to meet the responsibility of the mortgage’s monthly payment in order to secure the investment of the borrower. When mortgage insurance is in place, money lenders have the willingness to accept down payments of even 5% or 10% . Mortgage insurance makes up for the deficit in the normal required 20% down payment and what the borrower can reasonably afford as down payment. When the cost of down payment is low, it affords the borrowers the opportunity of buying more properties above their normal financial limits. In the absence of mortgage insurance, an individual who was able to making a savings of $10,000 demanded for 20% minimum initial payment would just be able to buy a home of $50,000. But with the availability of mortgage insurance (once an individual credit and income permits), the mortgagor needs to make just 10% down payment  and will still be able to buy a home of $100,00 with only $10,000!, alternatively a borrower might put down an initial payment of $15,000 on a home worth $150,000 and then use the excess $5000 on decoration, purchase a vehicle or  essential household appliances. Mortgage insurance gives a borrower more options Who pays for mortgage insurance? It is the borrowers who usually pay for mortgage insurance; a preliminary premium is collected when the deal is being concluded.  Based on the chosen premium plan, a monthly payment might be added in the home payment made to the financier who in turn pays the mortgage insurer. Borrowers can get flexible premiums from MGIC which include: Annuals Premiums: In this case, the borrower makes the payment for the first year then, the deal is being closed and then there is monthly collection of the yearly renewal premium, as part of the contribution towards the general house monthly payment Monthly Premiums: This has a slightly higher cost than the average mortgage insurance plans. However, the monthly premiums significantly lessen the cost of closing mortgage insurance.  Borrowers make monthly payments for mortgage insurance as a part of their contribution towards the general house monthly house payment. However, the borrower is required to pay mortgage insurance premiums for only a month when the deal is being sealed instead of paying for a full year.  For inexpensive homeowners insurance check out
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